ORIOCX conquers Spartan Race Mallorca 2020

How proud we are of our ORIOCX Athletes!

Last weekend the first OCR Spartan Race España 2020 took place in Mallorca; where our #oriocxatheltespain finished in the top 20 of the Elite category both male and female. A category with the presence of high level athletes from countries such as France, Italy, Czech Republic…..


Albert Soley – SPARTAN RACE MALLORCA Champion 2020

n addition, some of our athletes took our ORIOCX Sparta & ORIOCX Malmo to the podiums of the 2 races that scored in the Elite category: Sprint Race (5k) and Super Race (10k).


Among all our athletes who won the victory were:

  1. Albert Soley Castells:
    1. Sprint Men category: 1º place
    2. Súper Men category: 1º place
  2. David Martínez Lorden:
    1. Sprint Men category: 3º place
    2. Súper Men category: 2º place
  3. Petra Arvela:
    1. Sprint Women category: 3º place

In addition, these results were very close as the final classification was decided by a few seconds; proof of this are the results that we show below:

Elite Results SPARTAN SPRINT Mallorca 08.03.20

1 Albert Soley 00:31:01
2 Sergei Silin 00:31:07
3 David Martínez 00:32:00

David Martínez – Albert Soley – Sergei Silin

1 Alisa Petrova 00:40:40
2 Nicki Johnson 00:41:09
3 Petra Arvela 00:41:31

Nicki Johnson – Alisa Petrova – Petra Arvela

Elite Results SPARTAN SUPER Mallorca 08.03.20

1 Albert Soley
2 David Martínez
3 Eugenio Bianchi

Eugenio Bianchi – Albert Soley – David Martínez

1 Alisa Petrova
2 Jézabel Kremer
3 Natalia Gurchenkova

Natalia Gurchenkova – Alisa Petrova – Jézabel Kremer

The SPARTAN RACE SPAIN 2020 series has just started and we are proud to have started it with this resounding success. The result of a hard work of development in our Trail Running and OCR models, in which our athletes have been fundamental. If you want to know how they have managed to get to the top do not hesitate to take a look at their ORIOCX shoes:

Zapatilla Trail Running OCR Orientacion Canicross Swimrun Oriocx Sparta Azul vista lateral 5Zapatilla Trail Running OCR Orientacion Canicross Swimrun Oriocx Malmo Rojo vista lateral 5

Sparta Blue                                                               Malmo Red