Fabric Linning


Ecoligic menbran made of five microns thickness and laminated over fabric base, which protect against the dampness. Its hydrophilus compounds attract water, absorbing the humidity (transpiration), and expelling it from the inside to outside.

The only ecologic menbran: Oriocx is trying to improve its products, by respecting the environment and with Sympatex not only we get the best waterproofness and breathability if not the environment is absolutely protected.

Sympatex menbran is a functional textile which has showed us that technology , design and environmental protection are truly compatible.

Sympatex non porous structure guarantee an optimum control of the internal climate at the same time which it is water repellent.

  • 100% waterproofness
  • 100% windness
  • 100% reciclable

Consist of a copolymer which contains:

  • 70% Polièster (humity conductor)
  • 30% poliéter Polièster (humity absortion)
  • Mebran without porous and without PTFE
  • 15 microns thickness
  • Extremely light : 30 grs per jacket and 2 grs per shoe
  • Transparent
  • Certification ISO, OEKO-TEX and BLUESIGN = Ecologic
  • It has been under estricts quality controls

Breathable, waterproof and windbreaks.


Tested and verified materials, along with a special way of assembling them, make these shoes waterproof and breathable. The membrane ensures watertightness while allowing evacuation of prespiration.

The leather is naturally breathable and is hydrophibically treated.

Membrane OCX2DRY made up of 70% polyester and 30% polyether.


Dry-tex system is the solution to the humidity problems because supports a rate maximum 12%, and allow a fast dry thanks to its linning composed of fiberglass.


Antibacterial treatment which inhibits the growth of the bactery which causes bad smell, sweet quick apsortion, fully breathable with an active and long effect.