The products you will see below are the result of the passion for nature and a healthy lifestyle, which we share all people who form part of ORIOCX, along with years of experience in manufacturing quality footwear, which goes back to 1948.

ORIOCX is a footwear that those who are part of this company, always wanted to have it.

That’s why we work every day to investigate and design a technologically advanced footwear, for men, women and now, also for children.

Since ORIOCX entered to commerce we experimented a constant progress, until arrive to be what we are today, each time a more technical footwear, made of first quality materials.

This evolution must be reflected in ORIOCX’simage; an image that represent our essence, an active, dynamic and vital spirit, but also a technologically advanced footwear, capable to respond to the necessities of our clients more demanding, beginning with ourselves.

During these years, we have been through different phases, but all of them, full of dreams. We believe in effort as the basis of all human activity, and also quality must always be present.

Our export experience has shown us much about fundamental aspects of our industry: comfort, design and innovation.

It has also taught us to listen to our European customers, to observe them and offer them products according their tastes and preferences. Innovation is the base of our development.

We are lucky to be able to have people working in our little family: our suppliers, our agents, our customers and people like you: all lovers of nature and technical products of high quality. Excited, interested, curious people and keen to increasingly reach new and high peaks.

Stand by is not part of our plan. We continue innovating with new technologies and products that will help you to enjoy nature. Keep exploring.