Álvaro Ramos Peña joins the Oriocx team. A new member in the Oriocx family of athletes

The Oriocx team incorporates Álvaro Ramos Peña into its family of athletes. Spanish athlete of Trail running and ultra Trail (among other modalities) with a great projection. Among some of his victories we can highlight:
  1. Navarro Champion ULTRA-TRAIL 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  2. First place in the NAFARROA XTREM 2017- 2019 – 68K. As a result of that victory, he managed to reduce the best registered mark by no less than 15 minutes.
  3. Champion of the 62K LOS MONTES DE VITORIA 2019
  4. Third place EHUNMILAK ULTRA-TRAIL® (EHM) 2018
  5. Champion Euskal Herria Mendi Erronka 67k 2017

What footwear has Álvaro Ramos chosen for his Next Season?

Looking ahead to 2022, Álvaro Ramos will prepare with his Oriocx Sparta Azules and his Oriocx Etna 21 Pro Black to get to the top. During the last few weeks he has been able to thoroughly test them on many types of terrain. From great unevenness to dry and humid climates; and all before deciding on our footwear. Finally, he has been able to see firsthand that our trail shoes offer him absolutely everything he needs with excellent quality materials.

A 2022 full of illusions with our new athlete

We at Oriocx are sure that Álvaro will be the talk of the town next season, and that he is in top form to face this challenge. We couldn't be happier to have an athlete who is capable of surpassing himself in such long-distance and demanding tests. An added value for Oriocx since he will be the perfect ally for our new long-distance trail shoes, the Oriocx Etna 21 Pro . We start with news in all aspects and we can only wish Álvaro a very good season.

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